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+ Info Genesys_218


Specially treated shoulder block helps effectively reduce tire shoulder heating up and resonance during driving. Anti-uneven wear rib helps stabilize tread contour and sufficiently supports tread when driving at high speed. The pattern helps increase fual efficiently by 4% and extends tire life by 15%. Superior fuel saving tread compound helps reduce tire rolling resistance for less fuel consumption and enhanced long mileage. Functioning as silencer, angular sipes on main rib helps air flow smoothly and effectively reduce noise generated during riding.


+ Info Genesys_228


Tread design of unequal pitch arrangement and displacement helps provide experience of quiet driving and effectively reduce resonant noise. Full shoulder anti-slipping sipes helps ensure stable driving on different road conditions and enhances heat dispersion of every tire block and improve performance of tire at initial acceleration and braking. Wide circumferential rib on tred center helps maintain a continuous and homalographic contact area for constant straight riding.


+ Info Vantage_H8


Asymmetric pattern design provides different zoom function and strong grip. Four wide longitudinal water evacuation groove + angular sipes on central circumferential ribs. Reinforced rim Protector Design. Low rolling resistance.

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