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MICHELÍN Tyres for private cars. Results:

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+ Info Energy E-V

Energy E-V

20% reduction in rolling resistance, for up to 6% more kilometres. 40% less interior noise. Plus the excellence of MICHELIN in safety and longevity.


+ Info Alpin


Start 10% easier. Stop 5%shorter. Drive for one extra winter .


+ Info Energy_saver


Save up to 80 litres of fuel. Saver lasts 6,000 miles longer. Longer-lasting tyres also result in fewer worn tyres to recycle! Your safety is always a priority for MICHELIN. Your braking distance is up to 3 metres shorter on wet road.

Pilot Alpin 4MICHELÍN

+ Info Pilot Alpin 4

Pilot Alpin 4

Exceptional Control in Snow and Ice.
Equipped with an exclusive tread design and Stabiligrip, a 3D sipe technology, the new Michelin® Pilot® Alpin® PA4™ tire delivers a 10% improvement in snow acceleration and more than a 5% enhancement in handling on snow covered and icy roads1.

Improved Braking Distance
The new formula of full silica-based rubber compound, Helio Compound+, allows the Michelin® Pilot® Alpin® PA4™ tire to remain flexible in low temperatures for better winter performance; stopping over 5% shorter on snow, ice and wet roads2.

Certified By Ultra-High Performance Vehicle Manufacturers.
The new Michelin® Pilot® Alpin® PA4™ tire is approved by the high standards of Porsche SE and is currently being tested by many other high-performance vehicle manufacturers.

Energy_saver +MICHELÍN

+ Info Energy_saver +

Energy_saver +

Save up to 60 litres of fuel compared to its predecessor. Plus the excellence of MICHELIN tyres in safety and longevity.


+ Info Pilot Alpin PA3

Pilot Alpin PA3

10% More Control In the Snow
Exceptional handling in cold weather driving conditions is provided by an asymmetric tread design and 3D Variable Thickness Sipes Technology™ (VTS™), with wide sipes on the inside providing traction in the snow and narrower sipes on the outside providing handling in dry conditions.

5% Better Snow Acceleration
26% more of our Biting Edges™ sipe technology results in improved control in cold weather conditions, resulting in a 5% gain in snow acceleration versus previous generation tires.

Improved Traction for Better Stopping and Handling
The Helio Compound™ of Pilot® Alpin® PA3™ tires allow for stopping distances of up to 9.2 feet shorter than its predecessor on wet road surfaces. This revolutionary compound also provides increased traction in low temperatures for better overall winter performance.


+ Info Primacy 3

Primacy 3

MICHELIN Primacy 3 keeps the entire tread block surface area of the tyre in contact with the road due to a new patented tread design with auto-blocking sipes.  With its special tread pattern, optimises grip on wet and dry road surfaces to provide shorter braking distances.


+ Info Primacy HP

Primacy HP

MICHELIN Primacy HP has obtained over 150 original equipment approvals. Offers a braking distance up to two metres shorter. With MICHELIN Primacy HP, you benefit from its superior tyre mileage.

Pilot Sport 3MICHELÍN

+ Info Pilot Sport 3

Pilot Sport 3

Better roadholding in bends and three metres shorter braking distance on wet roads. More driving pleasure: very precise steering acclaimed by car manufacturers. Energy efficiency combined with remarkable tyre mileage, resulting from experience gained from 15 consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour victories.

Pilot Sport 2MICHELÍN

+ Info Pilot Sport 2

Pilot Sport 2

MICHELIN Pilot Sport’s structure and tread pattern are directly based on Formula One technology. The reference tyre for Porsche. The quickest tyre on the market.

Pilot Super Sport MICHELÍN

+ Info Pilot Super Sport

Pilot Super Sport

Safety even in the most demanding conditions. N°1 in dry handling. Developed with Porsche, BMW M and Ferrari.


+ Info Pilot Sport

Safety even in the most demanding conditions. N°1 in dry handling. Developed with Porsche, BMW M and Ferrari.

Pilot Sport Cup +MICHELÍN

+ Info Pilot Sport Cup +

Pilot Sport Cup +

Beyond 50% more laps and faster thanks to technologies from Endurance Competition and with MICHELIN Total Performance, more performances brought together.

Pilot Sport CupMICHELÍN

+ Info Pilot Sport Cup

Pilot Sport Cup

Impressive performance — lap after lap.
Race-inspired tread compounds help achieve outstanding performance in dry and damp conditions and consistent lap times over the life of the tire.

Powerful cornering.
Unique tread design utilizes both a semislick outer tread and a wet-styled innertread to help deliver powerful damp and dry cornering and promote high performance confidence.

Race-like reflexes.
High-tensile steel cords and a polyamide belt package help provide enormous support for the tread and crown areas — delivering powerful cornering capability and quick steering responses.

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