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HANKOOK Tyres for SUV. Results:

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Ventus S1 evoHANKOOK

+ Info Ventus S1 evo

Ventus S1 evo

Ventus S1 evo: excellence in all disciplines. The new Ventus S1 evo was designed and built for improved durability and to minimize distortion at high speeds and temperatures.

The profile and structure of Ventus S1 evo also ensures optimal contact surface for a sensitive performance at high speeds. Whatever you like, the Ventus S1 evo has all the benefits that a sport tire may have.


+ Info IceBear W300A

IceBear W300A

Designed for all possible winter road conditions, its asymmetric tread pattern enables speedy driving even in the winter.


Ventus ST


+ Info I*Pike RW11

I*Pike RW11

i*Pike RW11 takes the lead in stronger braking power and superior traction in snow condition.

More powerful driving and braking forces will give you confidence on wet or frozen roads. Hit the road on a winter day with the i*pike Rw11 and experience confidence.


+ Info Dynapro HP

Dynapro HP

The Dynapro HP has been developed for luxury SUVs and powerful. It is rated at speeds degree "H" for over 210 km / h.

An advanced design of the tread and a new compound technology increase grip and response. Reduced braking distance on dry and wet for safety.

Dynapro i*ceptHANKOOK

+ Info Dynapro i*cept

Dynapro i*cept

A new silica compound ensures safe winter driving with outstanding braking performance on icy roads.

Hankook Tire's unique design technology SCCT provides better traction and grip on icy and snowy roads while preventing loss in snow traction and braking performance on slippery surfaces.


+ Info Dynapro ATM

Dynapro ATM

Rough all-terrain tire for pickups, vans and sport utility vehicles. Innovative tread and sidewall design to enhance the style of your vehicle.

Developed for premium pickups, the Dynapro ATM offers exceptional grip and acceleration on all types of roads.


+ Info Dynapro MT

Dynapro MT

The Dynapro MT is a rugged tire designed for true off-road drivers. The "V" shaped tread blocks are tapered for better grip in mud or sand and you should see them perform in snow. 

There are "ejectors" built into the tread grooves to prevent stones from penetrating. Specifically designed shoulders keep dirt from building up and to help prevent damage from impacts.

With superior pulling capacity and thrust power as well as improved flat-resistance quality, this tire is ideal for rugged cars, boasting a powerful and safe driving performance in normal as well as harsh road conditions.

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